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My courses are individually evening classes, where we together paint a motive. You will be taught the procedure, equipment and techniques. Everyone gets individual attention that evening.

Courses are held in acrylic, watercolor, oil, drawing and sculpture. The courses are divided into levels:

Level 0: You've always wanted to paint, but thought you could not. Or you've tried a bit but feel you do not get it. Here I will go through the equipment, and we have more time on fewer techniques.

Level 1: You can nygegynnere and other joining. At the same time one of more learning. Several techniques. More theory perspective, advanced composition. This will be thoroughly reviewed, we draw together before we paint.

Level 2: Here beginners and others to participate. Here we paint either large images or / and advanced design with a high degree of detail. Certainly animals and humans, or other complex design.

Children corses: 6-12 years. 280 kr and the equipment is included. Sundays 12-14. Must book spot.

Travwling coruses: September: Nesvatnet weeknd, Mars: Provence (6 days), June: Hitra weekend, late June: Greece ( a week)

Courses are held in Trondheim, but can be booked time in your city or home. If you manage this, your course be free! Are the course in other contry, plane ticket adds the price.

Conditions: Minimum 8 participants, local arranging, 320, - per person. for 1 night (only driving distance Trondheim). 2400, - per person for weekend (saturday 11-17, Sun 11-16) Advantage theirs is that you can choose the subjects and levels!

Send mail: snillja@gmail.com for additional questions.